Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Our kids' Orphanage Website

I was searching around on the net tonight and found our kids' orphanage' website! It's called La Quinta Carmelita. I used Google translate to try to figure out what it said. I got most of the jist of it. No pictures of the kids but their names are listed on the Sponsorship page.

Here's the site if you're interested!


  1. I guess you found something like "the 5th carmelita" (but that's a bad traslation), the truth is that a "quinta" is like a house with many rooms wich all gates face the same big patio, and carmelita means little Carmen (a common name here in Mexico).
    I always wanted to ask that, but I thought you couldn't share that information.
    I was in USA the last days (Las Vegas) that's why I didn't notice your post Holland (which was really frustrating, I know). I'm praying for your adoption process I hope you will have your family complete soon.


  2. that's so awesome!!! I just can't wait until we're matched so that we will know who we're praying for and what they look like!