Friday, August 13, 2010

Hanging in there...

Just a quick update...
We're hanging in there. Thank you all for so many kind words of encouragement and for joining us with fervent times of prayer, often spontaneously in conversation.  We truly are grateful to be surrounded by believers who LIVE their commitment to Christ. 

We still don't have any more answers, but I have been on the phone with a bunch of agencies asking tons of questions and getting lots of advice- often much of it is conflicting.

More and more I am thankful that we are going through such a solid and reputable agency such as Gladney. I feel more and more confident of that each time they are proactively informing us of each and every step they are taking to appeal the denial.

Weekly conference calls to keep us updated even when there is very little to tell, just reconfirms my satisfaction with them. It's been so good to hear multiple times from other agencies that Gladney is such a good, honest agency to deal with.  They have been very willing to refund our money and return our dossier and do whatever we need should we choose to find another agency. We haven't done that because we are in this for the long haul. We are just really praying that things will work out and we can continue using them as our agency.

Now, if we could just get past this hurdle of the denial and get on to the real business of adopting! 

AND, I just found out yesterday there are TWENTY families in the Mexico program! I'm shocked! Only 12 have their dossiers done, but that is awesome that there are so many! Now, what I'm wondering is WHY DO HARDLY ANY OF THEM HAVE A BLOG!!! LOL!  (I don't mean you Michelle!)


  1. keep the faith...praying for you.

  2. I know you don't mean me! LOL But I would agree! That's why I like the yahoo group so we can all communicate.

    Really bummed from this last call. We still haven't made a decision. I just can't get those precious kids' faces out of my head from all the orphanages in Mexico that we have worked with and that's what keeps us where we are so far.
    - Michele